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Ms. Ksenija Kresnik Conič

⦁ B.Sc. in Economics, direction tourism, English speaking manager.
⦁ Born in Ljubljana, Slovenia in the zodiac sign Taurus.
⦁ Studied at Faculty of Economics, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia
⦁ Living and working in Ljubljana, Slovenia.
Ksenija has been an enterpreneur for twentyeight years, cooperating with a Belgian producer, being an exclusive importer and distributor of advanced materials for machine construction and maintainance.
She is a mother of two daughters.
Every summer since childhood she spent at the Croatian seaside, from Istria to Dubrovnik. History and archeology of ancient Istria and Dalmatia, blue skies and emerald seas as well as Dalmatian cuisine were every summer the only, always »can’t wait«, appreciated, repeating focus of the summertime holidays and explorations.
Longlasting cooperation and friendship with Mr.Anton Rakuljić, owner and captain of the luxury vessel Princeza Diana has brought her to the creation of History-Art-Nature Dalmatia Cruise.

Ms. Kristina Tamara Franić Koulen

She was born in Zagreb. She graduated from the Mathematical and Informatics High School, but then she obtained a Master’s degree in the history of art and ethnology at the Faculty of Arts at the University of Zagreb. At the same university she also acquired a Master’s degree in marketing from the Faculty of Economics in Zagreb. She worked as a consultant for the artistic culture and new media at the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Croatia, then as a marketing director at Metro C&C Hrvatska, but then she opened her own company for the production of confectionery products under her own brand “Bolero”, where her entrepreneurial instinct, combined with her innate talent for creating beautiful things, came to full expression. In 2000, she founded the Arsa Nova Association with the goal of promoting visual culture through new media. She is the initiator of the first virtual art gallery in Croatia. After moving from Zagreb to Pula, she lectured at the Polytechnic University of Pula and at the “Mijo Mirković” Faculty of Economics and Tourism at the J. Dobrila University in Pula. In the last 15 years, she organized and opened, as an independent curator, over 70 art exhibitions. She is the president of the Arsa Nova Association, which promotes culture by organizing art exhibitions and education. She wrote a series of art criticisms, a collection of poems “Otisci duše” and a monograph “The skill of fishing – the art of living”. She is the mother of three children. She lives in Banjole in the region of Pula, Croatia and in Villach, Austria. Her mission is dealing with culture, researching cultural heritage and its valorization and distribution of knowledge.

Dr. Sam Semir Osmanagich, Ph.D.

Discoverer of the Bosnian pyramids and Principal Investigator of the Project (2005 to present). Ph.D. on Mayan pyramids, University of Sarajevo, Bosnia-Herzegovina (2007). Director of Center for Archaeology at American University in Bosnia-Herzegovina (2012-2013). Founder of “Archaeological Park: Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun” Foundation, Sarajevo (2005 to present). Foreign member of Russian Academy of Natural Sciences, Moscow, Russia (2007) and Croatian Academy of Science and Art in Diaspora, Basel, Switzerland (2015). Author of 16 books on pyramids around the world and ancient civilizations, translated into 17 languages (1986 to present). First “Honorable citizen” of the town of Visoko (2006). “Man of the Year” in Bosnia-Herzegovina (2007). Recipient of the United States Congressional Certificate of Recognition (2013) “for continuous support in promoting cultural and economic independence for people new to the USA.” First honoree of the Amelia B. Edwards Award for “outstanding research and advancement of knowledge of pyramids around the world”, Chicago, USA (2016). Awarded “Diamond in the Pyramid Science”, Bengaluru, India (2016) “for having done exceptional outstanding fundamental work in creating basic awareness for the Pyramid energy power” Official web site: www.samosmanagich.com